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OneAirSpace BlogCalls to Action in Communication Campaigns
Non-profit organizers and for-profit marketers are tasked with essentially the same thing: deliver calls to action (CTAs) that not only influence, but ultimately adjust your consituents' or customers' behavior to your organization's end goal.
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Mobile Marketing
"Mobile marketing" and guerilla marketing utilize fundamental marketing tactics - go to where people are (it helps to have wheels) and talk to them about what you have to offer in a way that's enticing. These days that's with joy, relevance and authenticity.


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The Art of Listening
My young son came home from school and told me he needed privacy to meditate. I figured he was making an excuse to play Legos.


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PR v Marketing Who's Winning Online? Part 2 - The Obama Brand
Candidate Obama had a good online integrated communication strategy. President Obama, however, shows what happens when marketing strategies are employed at a greater level than PR.

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PR v Marketing - Who's Winning Online? Part 1
If looked at simply:
~Public Relations + building relationships & loyalty (with a brand)
~Marketing= moving toward action; sales (of a brand)

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The Power of Two-Way Communication
Delta Air Lines flight attendants, will soon be voting on whether they want to have a union represent them to Delta management. The stakes are high and the impact of the election's outcome could be significant for the American union movement.

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Operational Tactic #1

That's what the majority of presenters at the eMarketing Association's conference this spring said was the most important action an organization should do online.

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Lessons from a Boundary Spanner
In the age of partnerships and collaboration the boundary spanner, people who straddle the needs of their organization and the needs of their organization's constituencies, is ever more valuable and always has been.

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Those Darn Dissidents - How to Respond
Known as a relatively liberal newspaper, The New York Timeshad a stream of Facebook responses bashing the Republican Tea Party following the paper's post of its expose': Tea Party Movement Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right.
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